Wednesday, July 8

Bobbing for pumpkins!


Mandula said...


Metamatician said...

I love all the different kinds of cats they show! This refuge is truly trying to save abused/domesticated wild cats, and take action to ensure that wild populations remain genetically viable. I wish I could donate them money, but I'm broke.

If I ever win the lottery of become rich from a bestselling book or something, I will dedicate at least half my wealth to helping the plight of big cats and other endangered species.

Mandula said...

I would send them a pile of money too. :)

sheila said...

This is so cute. We just went to Discovery Kingdom (formerly Marine World) where they have a tiger show. It thought about telling them about the pumpkins.

Metamatician said...

Hehe. Tigers are so cute, and cats of all sizes.

It's amazing how they all act the same too, the way they pounce, play, and groom each other and themselves. From the biggest Siberian to the littlest house cat.

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