Thursday, July 23

Not Kashmir, cashmere!

I love cashmere. I have a thin cashmere shirt that is my most comfortable shirt. I could wear it every day, and sleep in it on colder nights. It's thin enough that it's not much warmer than a long-sleeved t-shirt would be, but much softer to the touch and much more cushiony if that makes any sense. And it never seems to make me sweat (the way synthetics do), yet keeps me warm over a wider range of temperatures that a simple cotton shirt does. And it's black and grey striped and is a pullover, so it looks as nice as it feels, and goes with jeans or almost anything. As I said, I love cashmere.


Metamatician said...
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empath said...

cashmere is even a beautiful word. I love the feel of it, wearing it, saying it.

Metamatician said...

What were you saying before about where it comes from and the quality? Where does the best quality come from? What do you look for? Should you always try it on in person rather than order something online?

I agree about the word. :) I believe it derives from Kashmiri goats, but I could be wrong.

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