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What are your three (or five, if you're serious about it) favorite metals? They can be pure (elemental) metals, alloys, or other variants. And you can say why you like them if you want, or just list them. It's all up to you. I'll post mine after others do. METAL!


Mandula said...

(attention, im cheating) "winter" mokume (

Silver is the first because I wore it the most, copper is the second because I worked with that so much (enamel stuff), and both of them have a beautiful colour. White is the first because it fits to every colour of clothes. :) :girl:

Mokume, and especially "winter" mokume would be my first fav, if it wasn't among the most expensive stuff... "Champagne and wine" mokume jewels (
are beautiful too (I like the most kind of mokume which does not contain yellow) (sometimes i like some of the yellow stuff too). :)

empath said...

I love the color of 18 carat gold, love white gold, platinum, the color of new copper and even aged. I don't like brass. I do like wrought iron especially when forged by hand. I also like sterling silver with some gemstones. White gold would be great! but not on my budget. OH, and I love bronze - heavy sculptures of bronze animals.

Metamatician said...

Wow! Mokume was the blending technique you were showing me about a year ago I think. It's very beautiful.

Silver and copper are cool, too, because of your personal histories with them. Thanks :)

I assume Mokume-style is from Japan? Just how do they achieve that effect? I've seen similar styling (but less flowery) on very high-end samurai swords as well, it's the mark of a each master swordmaker to have his own design.

Metamatician said...

Empath is a "metal head."

Metamatician said...

I suppose platinum is my favorite metal, just because it always has been since I was a kid playing D&D and was fascinated there could be a white metal more precious than gold.

Gold itself is an easy answer, but I like it too, pure or in its several colors - especially white and red. Gold is pretty much indestructible, and the Ancient Egyptians were in love with it, which is good enough for me.

I like iridium because it's fascinating it was found in concentration at the geologic K-T boundary all over the world, proving that a large asteroid hit the earth at the time the dinosaurs went extinct. It's also very dense and heavy (and of course rare).

These are my three, but I like electrum (an alloy), wrought iron, forged high-carbon steel for blades, cobalt (yes, it's a metal), titanium because of its color and strength per unit of weight, mercury because it's the only metal liquid and room temperature and liquid metal is just neat, uranium and the trans-uranium metals because of their density and radioactivity (though it's a pity they're used to make weapons), I agree with Empath that bronze is a cool alloy (especially when aged, I think), copper ore has always fascinated me more than the refined product, and lead is somehow neat. Also tungsten. Oh, and nickel because there's a giant ball of nickel-iron in the centre of the earth.

I guess I basically like every metal there is. Cheating, but true!

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