Tuesday, July 7

Fareeda, the stripeless white Bengal tiger

How cute! She was born in South Africa and is extremely rare not only in being white rather than orange, but also by having no stripes. I believe only a few similar captive tigers are on record as being born with this condition. She appears healthy in all respects, though the coloration would normally be a detriment to stealth in the wild. That's why nearly all 'white' big cats who survive infancy do so in a zoo or a wildlife preserve, not in the true wild where they tend to stick out like a sore thumb to their would-be prey. Plus, Bengal tigers are only found in Asia unless they are raised elsewhere under the care of humans.

And hey, look, she grew up instantly too...


Mandula said...

Kittiiiiez! :)

Metamatician said...

Big kitties!

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