Sunday, July 12

From old notes, past research. Still valid, I'm sure...

-Best vodkas I've ever had. Price: $20-$50 (750ml), YMMV.
-Price seemingly no indication of quality, set mostly by marketing departments.
-And no "bling" $200 bottles here pimped by superstars. Just substance of the product.

10. Svedka - Sweden
09. Boru - Ireland
08. Ketel One - Holland
07. Zyr - Russia
06. Grey goose - France
05. Belvedere - Poland
04. Russian Standard - Russia
03. Uvluka - Poland
02. Chopin - Poland
01. Ciroc - France

-Overall I have to give Poland the nod for producing the best vodkas.
-Russia and France definitely represent themselves well, too.
-Remember, the ideal attribute of vodka is smoothness and lack of taste and odor, unlike almost every other spirit.
-Skip flavored vodkas unless that's your thing. It's not mine. Some Zyr and vermouth with 3+ green olives, served dirty please!
-For 1-5, skip the whole cocktail idea and drink them neat and very cold. Otherwise it's a waste. Don't fret, these vodkas deliver. No chasers needed, even for non-"tough guys." Schmooove.


empath said...

cone-shaped glass
add ice & smoooth vodka
skewer 2 queen olives (stuffed with almonds)
place inside cone
add olive juice or a whisper of vermouth
try to sip
eat 1 olive half way through
the other is earned at the end.

Metamatician said...

An expert!!

"Queen" olives, you say? Learned something new.

Thanks for the recipe. "Sounds good."

You could probably use Stoli or Absolut or anything in that range for a martini, don't you think?

Anything more expensive would just be lost with the other flavors. I wouldn't stoop to Skyy or Smirnoff, though. Headache city!

empath said...

Smooth but not expensive vodkas work fine.

Just like wine - the better you taste, the better you want. Life's too short to drink cheap wine, so to those wine drinkers out there, savor a good glass instead of getting drunk on cheap. You won't even feel lousy the next day.

Quality vs Quantity - in all aspects of life.

Tropical Drink topic:
You know I rarely drink, but when I was in Arizona in the 105 degree heat, I had a Buccaneer. It's a Pina Colada with added purees of strawberry and mango - omg!

Fell for Lava Flows in Hawaii where they use a fresh pineapple,coconut, cream, and ice, blended velvety smooth (& white rum or not) to make a Pina Colada, add to a hurricane glass with pureed strawberries on the bottom - the strawberry works it way up while drinking with a straw - it's the lava!!

Metamatician said...

I've grown to like new things by trying them, too, even a lot of things I never thought I would because they sounded too sweet, too bitter, too whatever. But if the setting is right, the drink is made right, and the company is good, sometimes you'll find you appreciate what you never thought you would!

I agree: Quality in moderation over Quantity.

I don't drink much at all now but on the occasions I do, I keep that same attitude. I'd rather have one or two great martinis or tropical drinks in the presence of friends than a pitcher-full of tequila sunrise by myself in front of rented movies or some other lonely setting.

I know I've been spoiled in the case of red wines, tequilas, and vodkas by having had some of the best money can buy in previous years. But I can still enjoy good drinks when the occasion calls for it. Also, a good, rich beer (which isn't for everyone) is just fine for me, and beer never gets very expensive, even exotic imports.

Lastly, your description of Pina Coladas and Lava Flows is making me thirsty!

Metamatician said...

What Vodkas would you consider 'smooth' enough, empath? Stoli, Absolut, stuff around $16-$20 for 750ml?

Just curious, cuz there's a wide range of what people consider bad, acceptable, and good. Some people I've know will drink the worst no-name stuff, some have a threshold around $20, some $30, and so on.

Like I said, I'm a little spoiled by some of the really great brands I've tried (Chopin, for instance). But no way in THIS day and age I'll ever spend $40 or so for a bottle of it, so it's nice to know what people think a middle-ground vodka is.

I know Heath likes Ketel One, which I think isn't bad. Grey Goose is good too, though IMO overpriced. I've had Skyy and did NOT like it. Same with Smirnoff, yuck. Also, both Level One and Hangar One - don't do it.

Anything truly Russian or Polish is almost good by definition. Anything else, well, you're taking your chances.

Mist said...

I can't imagine you left out Finland... Suppose I'm too much of a nationalist to even try the others. Or ok, Swedish Vodka is rather good too, I sort of liked the Skane Aquavit and the other spicy ones. Cold clean vodka and singing traditional and less traditional drinking songs in academical (student) settings is just great. A lot of memories from those times, despite the holes in the memory due to such activities!

Metamatician said...

I'm afraid you just gave your identity away, Mist! Or should I say... Louhi!

Yes, Finland and Sweden. I need to try more of those. Why don't you recommend some brands?

That'd be great. Thanks =D

Mist said...

The classic Finnish vodka is Koskenkorva (38%), it's not very fancy or expensive, a plain and clear vodka far more popular than the export product "Finlandia vodka", which might not even be Finnish anymore, can't remember.

Metamatician said...

Thanks for the insider knowledge ;-)

Yeah, I've had Finlandia and didn't care much for it.

As usual, the natives drink the good stuff and export the paint thinner to the rest of the world!

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