Saturday, July 25

Gibbons = Cute


Metamatician said...

Nobody else likes gibbons?

empath said...

I sure do!! Once you see them in action, you never forget them either. AND they're darling.

Metamatician said...


These are called "Lar" gibbons; the difference between them is only a superficial color variation, like with cats. They are the same species.

Apparently there are four genera of gibbons, the only apes I know of which are not "Great Apes" (i.e., they're not monkeys, but are further removed from us genetically than are the so-called Great Apes: Bonobos, Chimps, Gorillas, and Orang-Utans).

If anyone else knows of other "Lesser Apes," please let me know! I believe the Barbary "ape" of Gibraltar are just tail-less monkeys. I could be wrong of course.

At any rate I agree completely with Empath that you'll never forget gibbons once you've seen them in action, brachiating. They make it look so effortless it's almost magical.

More info on gibbons here.

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