Wednesday, March 31

Ants are dumb.

I left a cup of Mountain Dew on my desk overnight (why didn't I finish it? that's a rarity), and after I was safely in bed, a little corps of ants snuck over the rim of the cup and fell into the sweet nectar, to their doom.

This is the same short-term thinking - or maybe utter lack of thinking - that leads countless other insects into pitcher plants and venus fly traps, seals on the Farallon Islands to leave the safety of their rocks and "go for a swim," roaches to check into roach motels, flies to "investigate" spiderwebs, and me to drive to Safeway to get a case of Mountain Dew.

Like I said, ants are dumb.


billybytedoc said...

It seems they aren't totally dumb. They found the Mountain Dew. They just need one step up.

But we won't talk about who left it there - jk.

Metamatician said...


Hans said...

Ants don't have a reason to live except to be fodder for anteaters. I could do without them and almost every other insect - they probably feel the same about cats, dogs, and people. Maybe fleas feel differently, always looking for a cozy place to sleep and bite!

Metamatician said...

Spoken like a true cat.

Metamatician said...

I wonder what anteaters would do if there was no such thing as ants? Be bums?

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