Sunday, March 21

This about sums it up.


An Gabhar Ban said...

I've often wondered why Sisyphus didn't just sit down at the top of his hill and say "To hell with this, you can keep your darn rock!"

I imagine the cat was none too amused. :)

Hans said...

He's mad. Maybe his friend Otter could help or Eagle could grab it and drop it for him. I think he really needs help. What's that blue stuff behind him?

billybytedoc said...

OK Watermelon Head, what are you trying to do?

Metamatician said...

@An, yeah, but eternity is going to be pretty boring just sitting there. Might as well roll a rock around and keep your mind off it, I guess.

@Hans, I'll ask Otter and Eagle to help. I'm surprised you know about them, your mom must be teaching you about the outside world. That blue stuff behind him is water! Not the kind you can drink though. This water's salty and tastes gross. Believe me, I've swallowed enough of it on accident to know. Plus there are scary things in salt water, like sharks and octopuses.

@byte, Watermelon Cat replies: "I'm getting dis big egg somewhere where the other cats can't see. When it hatches, I'll have chicken dinners for a week! Om nom nom nom."

billybytedoc said...


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