Saturday, March 13

Orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano.

Sometimes I want to do things to be rid of myself
Not directly, you understand,
Though there are those times too
Sometimes I just want to feel different and I don't know what to do
Whatever will change this boring life is better than
Sitting and stewing and thinking about the past
Or looking on at the compressed and stretched out future
Whose uncertainty mocks everything I once
Thought I knew about the world.

And my brain wants a holiday
My body wants to feel good for a day
Or at least for now, somehow. Some way,
Amid heavy sundrops
I'll meet somebody who will take away the pain
On whom I can count with all ten fingers and toes
Who just doesn't sympathize but who knows
And can empathize
Or maybe euthanize, I dunno.


Hans said...

I could have written these "almost" same words. I feel like I'm inside a glass sphere looking out and wondering how those people do what they do. I do empathize with you - your soul is a part of me.

An Gabhar Ban said...

I wasn't expecting to be hit with this blast of melancholy and emotion when I started reading...but I find myself sitting with tears in my eyes, hoping that someone I find such a connection with, unusual as that is for me, finds some surcease to this pain.

Metamatician said...

Thank you, both.

Mandula said...


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