Friday, March 5

They're beautiful, ferocious, endangered, and they run your Macintosh!


billybytedoc said...

I got one on my desk. She hasn't bitten me yet.

billybytedoc said...

A very beautiful and sad video.

I donated $100 at

Anyone else?

Metamatician said...

Awwww... that's amazing of you, Bill! That's really great, you're a very good person.

I would donate know. I already donated almost half my divorce settlement money (less what mom got back) to Haiti relief, or else I would donate to save the snow leopard too. It could drop to a non-viable genetic pool within 10-20 years, depending on conservation efforts.

And I think they're the most beautiful of all the big cats (though I'm partial to tigers too).

Thanks again! That was a very kind thing to do. Maybe some other people will think to donate just a little?

Check out and for more details. Help save the last of our beautiful, wild, big cat species!


Hans said...

Got me in the heart too. Hans, Lucas, and Jackson donated $10 each to help their beautiful cousins.

Metamatician said...

Thank you!!!

The leopards told me they're happy that someone cares about them.

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