Thursday, March 4

Could someone pick one of these up for me?


 Wacom Cintiq 21ux


Hans said...

modern day coloring book! if you sell your bike and other gear, you can buy one, so keep that in mind when you can go through your stuff. Stuff, another topic we could talk about - how people view "stuff" in their lives and if they are impending upon your real life. I'm in the process of simplifying even more - getting rid of, selling, whatever anything I haven't touched or even looked at for several years. I have quite a bit that could get me a little money too, so that's a good incentive. I learned how invaluable "stuff" is when my dad was dying. He couldn't make a decision to take the stress off my mom by moving near family because he was worried about his "stuff" at home - so he died and what happened to it? It went to garage sales, grandkids, trashed.

If you really use something, of course keep it, but things tie you down and prevent you from doing something better with your life. Hoarding things because you may miss it later is BS. You promptly forget them. One could put them in storage for a while and see if you really do miss them. We are so materialistic, it makes me sick. I long to live without so many things to find places for, to dust, to take up room. There I had my time on the soapbox.

Metamatician said...

Yeah - I totally agree and yet it's a hard habit to break, isn't it? I would like to sell many of my things, trash or give away other things that aren't worth selling, and get rid of most of my clothes. Simplify, like you said, and live in a clean house with only those things I use often.

In fact, I'm sure I would use, say, my camera more often if I didn't have so much other stuff lying about cluttering the area up. As it is, it seems like a pain to find the memory card, charge the battery, and so on - because all that other junk is in the way.

I even want to get rid of about half my books and a lot of old school junk that I got back from Taunya - I just to pick out the keepers and toss the rest. It'll be a big job doing all of it, but it will feel really good when it's done. And I agree - I won't miss it. I'll probably feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Or maybe more appropriately, and anchor untied from my ankle.

Thanks for the post!

billybytedoc said...

It's simple, just move every year, and throw away everything you have not used since the last move. I am living proof of that.

But back to the Blog, is it better than an iPad, and as cheap. With an iPad you can paint with your finger and not worry about losing the stylus. Steve showed you.

Metamatician said...

About the drawing tablet; it's a totally different beast. It's aimed at graphics professionals and costs $1999. It's 21" though and includes a stylus with literally thousands of levels of sensitivity, so you can draw (or paint) more naturally. You can also distort and move things, basically whatever your software supports (it's just a USB peripheral for your workstation PC - duplicating the screen but allowing you to really "draw" rather than try to draw (horribly) with a mouse.

There are dozens of tips for the stylus, anything from pencils to pens to feather quills. Flip it around, it erases. Programs like Photoshop and literally dozens or probably hundreds of others - all serious paint or 3D programs - can use a Wacom tablet. But it has no OS of it's own and does nothing else besides allowing you to draw directly on the screen, which is actually a huge leap over previous "dummy" drawing tablet with no LED to show you where you were putting the nub of you pen down.

So no, nothing like the iPad, except that it's cool :-)

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