Tuesday, March 30

Sade makes the most of her minimalist lyrics.

Morning Bird

How could you
You are the river
Poured out of this life
How could you
You are the morning bird
Who sang me into life every day
Fly away?
You are the blood of me
The harvest of my dreams
There's nowhere I can find peace
And the silence won't cease
Nothing's quite how it seems
The ghost of my joy
Won't let me be
If you set me free I will not run
I will not run
I will not run

(Sade Adu)


An Gabhar Ban said...

You know, I've got to thank you again for introducing me to Sade's music. Really, really lovely, and very emotional. (Of course I had to go listen to it)

Metamatician said...

Yay! =D

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