Monday, August 17


Save me, save me, save me,
Save me, save me, save me.

The candles are lit. The curtains are drawn.
There's still no sign of rain nor dawn.
Our lips touch. Our limbs entwine.
But the ghosts that haunt me won't leave my mind.

Save me, save me, save me,
Save me, save me from myself.

One sin leads to another one.
Oh, the harder I try
I can never, never, never find peace in this life.

I ask myself where does lust come from?
Is it something to yield to or be overcome?

I ask myself
Why love can never touch my heart like fear does.
Why can't love ever touch my heart like fear does?



empath said...

Aw, the colors of Hans' eyes. Neat photo of an eye.

Metamatician said...

Yeah! Wish I could say the pic was mine. Someday.

I did some coloring in Photoshop though.

Little Wing said...

Your words are deep and meaningful to me. I can feel you.

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