Saturday, August 8

Brittany, France.


billybytedoc said...

Is it for sale?

Meta said...

Yep, $100,000 and you get everything you see in the picture, including the sea.

Giusi said...

Have you ever been there? In Brittany, I mean. I want to go, sooner or later. I must be stunning!

Meta said...

You are stunning!

Oh, you mean Brittany? =)

I have not been but I would like to very much!


Mist said...

Been there! I fell totally in love with Bretagne, and thinking about still gives me a warm feeling. It'd be nice to return someday but I'm afraid it wouldn't be quite as great as it was back then. Une bouteille de cidre et des crèpes!

Metamatician said...

Mist, you lucky duck!

Cidre et des crêpes semble merveilleux. Ou une bière belge et une baguette de pain chaud, couché sur une couverture au soleil!

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