Wednesday, August 26

Crazy cool band.

Do you like Joy Division, very early New Order, SWANS (their slow-paced stuff in particular), Dead Can Dance, The Durutti Column, and maybe some progressive stuff like Boards of Canada and Godspeed You! Black Emperor? Even sigur rós, perhaps?

Or do you resist that kind of categorization and just like great, thoughtful, beautiful music?

Well, either way, have I got the band for you! They're called Piano Magic, and if you already know about them, then you are cooler than I am.

Check them out:

These guys (guy, really) are totally amazing in that DCD kind of way. Small wonder, then, that Brendan Perry himself has contributed two songs to their upcoming album. Yay!

They have quite a back catalogue, so I don't know why I haven't sussed them out til now. Maybe because they're one of those deliciously dinky bands that you a get a certain pride from being the only one you know who know about them, and you can sneak incredible songs onto mixes and the recipient will be thinking "Damn, who's this?"

I love finding diamonds in all this mud of life!


Mandula said...

Yummie music, thx for it again! :)))

Metamatician said...

You're quite welcome Ms. Martonffy. I've got more albums when/if you ever want them, and I've got a giant mix of songs from lots of bands as well. Just let me know!

~DJ Meta~

Metamatician said...

Oh yeah, check with me by email if you want a sample of their sound (4 songs).

I'm happy to pimp their music if people will spend real money to acquire more than just this sample, assuming they like it of course.

Dunno how you couldn't like it!

Hans said...

not for moi

Metamatician said...

You're just like your mom, Hans!

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