Thursday, August 13

Went to a Giants (baseball) game yesterday.

And we had a great time. We arrived a little bit late (the top of the 2nd I believe) but it was still 0-0. It was my stepdad and my brother and I - my stepdad was playing the wet blanket Dodger fan! The place was packed and there wasn't too much action in the game until late. Unless you're a fan of pitching, that is. Tim Lincecum from the Giants, who won the Cy Young Award last year (the pitcher's equivalent of an MVP) and may win it again this year - he's one of the best pitchers right now in the game - was on the hill for the Giants. He shut the Dodgers down inning after inning, while the Giants kept getting baserunners on against a variety of different Dodger pitchers. The disheartening part was that they barely scored any of them though, twice leaving the bases loaded and in the game as a whole stranding 13 runners on base to the Dodger's 2. They also made a defensive error at shortstop which luckily didn't prove to be costly. Overall defensively it was a pretty clean game from both teams.

Anyway, the Dodgers made the most of their 2 hits in 9 innings against Lincecum, and scratched out a second run to tie the game in the 9th inning! What a shock as they had hardly gotten any wood on Lincecum all day. We started talking about how the Giant's failure to bring their own runners in scoring position home would come back to haunt them - such is often the case, it seems. As it turned out though, in the bottom of the 10th inning, with the score still 2-2 and a runner on, Juan Uribe of the Giants hit a bomb into the left field bleachers to win the game 4-2 in walk-off fashion. The foghorns sounded and smoke poured into the air and the crowd went wild. What an exciting game! A good pitching performance plus a win! I'm just sorry that Tim Lincecum got a no-decision and not a win, because he pitched amazingly and really deserved that "W" - but those things happen.

Lots of thanks to my stepdad for taking us, and to he and my brother for helping me around the park and getting me food, since my left knee is giving me some trouble at the moment. The park was crowded but it never seemed too overwhelming. They have a really modern setup with screens all over the place so you can still watch the action even while waiting in the concession lines. Also, we had a great view from high up above and to the left of home plate, and could see not only all the action on the field but the gorgeous panorama of the Bay just outside its walls, with sailboats, motorboats, and freighters crusing about between The City and Oakland, and the Bay Bridge stretching majestically across. I wish I'd have brought my camera!

It was a fun day for all of us. And a bit atypical of San Francisco this time of year I have to say, very sunny and hot! I even got a mini sunburn :)


billybytedoc said...

Wet blanket Dodger fan??

billybytedoc said...

Good game and good review though!

Meta said...

Hehe, I didn't think that would get by you!

Thanks. For the comment and the game.

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