Thursday, August 13

Covered in lotion today :-|

1. Soothing anti-burn lotion for sunburns on my face and arms from sitting in the pouring sun for hours during the game. It's unusual for me to burn, but I had NO base tan this time. Ouch!

2. Aspercreme pain-relieving lotion for my left knee, and also for my right calf, which bore the brunt of the weight as I hobbled around trying to keep off my left leg. o.O

3. Moisturizing lotion for the rest of me - as all the sun dried me out and my skin, lips, etc, feel very dry.

Oy vey! I should have invested in Nivea stock.

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Meta said...

By the way, I did some checking into things and went to the local organic food and herbs type place, and it turns out that just pure 100% aloe is the best thing known for a burn - especially the UV kind.

You can drink the aloe juice, which doesn't taste bad at all and supposedly makes you regular too (and doesn't everyone need that!), or you can buy it suspended in a gel (look to make sure the gel doesn't contain some kind of -nol (like ethanol, methanol) because this is an alcohol and will obviously counteract some of the moisturizing effect.

Also, vitamin E is good for the skin, but works best within a few hours of a burn, and not too effectively afterward (except just in general).

And whatever you do, don't rub butter or some other kind of oil on your burnt skin, it will only prolong the healing.

If you have a garden and have an aloe plant (or one in a pot), break off a leaf for the most potent aloe you can get! Otherwise, head down to the store and get the closest thing to 100% juice or cream you can find - the less other products in the suspension, the better. They're likely preservatives or emulsifiers but if you're going to use the product right away, you don't need them.

My little tube of 99.9% aloe is a gel which is perfectly clear, and a bit on the watery side. It basically just looks and feels like the juice from an aloe vera plant!

And so far so good - it took the pain of my burns away almost immediately and I may even get away without peeling.

Nature is amazing - one more reason not to chop it all down.

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