Monday, August 17

My mom has a new cat!

He's a ragdoll breed. His coloration is "seal point lynx bicolor" if I remember it all, meaning he's got or is going to have the grey-colored "points" - snout, ears, tail. The lynx part means he'll have some of those straight lines of color on his forehead, like a tabby but without all the other colors, just grey lines. And the bicolor means his body (the non-pointed parts) won't be solid white but will have two colors, though in his case it looks like - and empath correct me if I'm wrong - they will both be light, like white and cream or something. I know some bicolors are masked or tuxedos or just about anything with white and another color, but I think main features will be as you see in the photo - grey ("seal") points with lynx markings on his brow. And his feet are white - he won't get "boots" in any other color. His "formal" name is Hans Fogelberg but his nickname is Thumper!

Here is an actual photo of him, more will surely follow :-)

Isn't he precious? Awww.


empath said...

Hans is a comedian - he sits by his little bed and lets himself fall to his side so I'll rub his tummy. He did it 3 times in a row. He loves to play and I really need a cat tree (smaller than yours). He's starting to scratch!! I'll go get a scratching box for now. He's a sweet pie and thanks for showing off your little brother!! hehe

Metamatician said...

Yay a baby brother! How fun.

Can't wait to see him again. Sounds like he's going to be very playful.

Tummy rubs too!

Has he met Lucas yet?

Mandula said...

Wooooo, he is sooo sweeet! :melting: :))))

billybytedoc said...

He is my Desktop picture, but I can't wait to see the real guy!!

Metamatician said...


He's a charming little man.

Raelha said...

He´s gorgeous. Give him tummy rubs from me.

Oh, and a great name too.

Magdalene said...

Aahh. So cute!

Metamatician said...

Hi Mags! Thanks!

This probably sounds like rubbish, but it's actually true - I've got a half-written email for you (nothing dire, just catching up) that I need badly to make fully-written and get it on its merry little way.

I'll try to do it as soon as poss. Hope you're well.

Mist said...

Aww, kittens are always cute, but this one for sure looks especially cute. Like one you can never pet enough. Wish I could have a cat too but it'd get even more complicated to find caretakers for all the animals whenever I go somewhere.

Metamatician said...

He's a little love bug with lots of energy leftover to chew on your fingers as well!

Yeah, adding cats to your existing dog collection would only make it harder to ever get out of the house, Mist!

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