Saturday, August 29

What computer operating systems have you used over the years? Select as many as apply.
Window Vista or Windows 7
Windows XP (any)
Windows 2000 or Windows NT (any)
Windows 95/98/ME
Windows 3.1
Mac OS X (any)
Mac System 1 through 9 (any)
UNIX (AIX, BSD - any)
Please Specify:
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Metamatician said...

First vote was mine - first 8 votes, I mean (since multiples are allowed). Probably the only one who will visit this blog with more OS experience than me will be BillyByteDoc. He's even used CP/M! What a dinosaur.

Metamatician said...

I didn't mark Solaris or BeOS though - someone must be getting cute.

Mist said...

From DOS to Windows XP, Unix and some older Mac OS. Never told you I actually had a Mac for a while? It was one of those pretty "fish bowls" a violet colored one.

Metamatician said...

Hehe, the old original iMac design. Those were awful computers, especially that round mouse! But of course people liked them.

No, I didn't know you ever used a Mac. I wish I had the money for a new Mac, now they're really cool again.

And an iPhone, maybe... *gets greedy*

billybytedoc said...

I was gonna say, 7 people user BEOS? No way!

Metamatician said...

Yeah, I doubt 7 people on the whole planet have ever used BeOS. Someone has to be monkeying around with that and Solaris. We have a prankster in our midst!

billybytedoc said...

Hard to believe out of 49 votes, only 16 have used XP and/or vista/win7.

Somebody is messing with this poll!

Meta said...

I agree.

Metamatician said...

I declare Windows XP the winner!

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