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Some questions for GIRLS ONLY =P

Attention female readers of this blog:

Mandula's friend in Hungary,
Éva, is conducting a poll exclusively for girls/women asking briefly about your computer use and decision-making. She is starting up a magazine specifically aimed at women and computers and needs to know, among other things - how educated about computers are women in the real world? How much of the decision to buy, upgrade, and use software do they take responsibility for (as opposed to turning to men for help)? There are no good/bad answers, just answer honestly if you would. The more people who answer, the more it will help her out, so thank you in advance!



01. How did you learn using the computers and internet? On your own, or were there lessons in school? How old were you when you started learning it? Were the girls and boys separated on lessons?

02. What gadgets do you have but not use and why?

03. What gadgets do you have and use? (I'm curious about all electronic gadgets, eg. MP3-players, gamer mouse, anything.)

04. Do you own a PC? What software do you have?

05. Do you own a mobile phone? What kind of phone and what do you do with it? Just watching the clock/playing music/etc.

06. If there would be problems with your PC, what would you do?

07. Do you like buying IT-stuff, gadgets, mobile phones etc.?

08. Are you interested in design?

09. Do you like web pages that write about IT?

10. Do you have an animal? If yes, what do you do to keep it safe from your electronic stuff?

11. Do you like playing games on PC/consoles?

12. How do you keep safe your stuff on your PC? Do you use firewall, or any protection from virus?

13. If you have to buy a new computer, what would you do? Go and buy on your own, or would you ask for help from your boyfriend/father/etc.?


Keep in mind Éva doesn't speak perfect English, but I think she speaks it very well and I have left her questions as she wrote them, rather than trying to alter them or 'fix' anything. The meaning is clear enough, I think.

A response to this post, answering questions by number, would be great. I'll then pass all the answers, as well as the country where you live along to her. Here's hoping she has success with her new publication (electronic or printed - I don't even know yet). Sounds like a good niche!

Thanks again for helping out. Karma will reward you in the end. :-)



empath said...

Hi Eva. This is Justin's Mom.
1. home at first, then College classes in word processing, then a College class in Computer Science.

2. At the moment, I don't have gadgets like gaming stuff, Ipods, etc. I had an IPod but didn't use it much, then I lost it when I moved.

3. I have a digital camera, a TV with Blu ray disc player, a CD player in my bedroom that I can attach an IPod to. I have done that, but mainly listen to audio books on while I'm in my bedroom.

4. I have a MAC with part of the hard drive using Windows PC (I play games on that part). I can switch back and forth easily. I have typical software, including utilities to keep it up to date and virus free.

5. I have a simple flip phone - Samsung. I had an IPhone but didn't use the capabilities so I traded my other son Heath for his Samsung. He uses it a lot.

6. Depends. I try to do things myself, but I'm kind of lazy about learning software, and I have so many experts around me, I ask for help from either son or my ex husband.

7. I like having my IMac - it's the greatest computer/monitor all in one piece. I love it.

8. yes

9. no

10. I have a dog and a kitten. I do not have problems with them. They do their own thing while I'm on the computer. If the kitten finds a wire, I put something over it and distract him too.

11. I play games daily on my Windows side of my IMac. I demo games and buy the ones I really like.

12. yes, Firewall, Onyx, scan, virus checkers, etc.

13. Now that I know what I like, I would go to the Apple store and buy my own unless someone wants to buy it for me! Then I will listen to their advice. ;o)

Metamatician said...

Thanks Mom!!!

Mist said...

01. Mostly on my own but there was an obligatory class for new students at my university (1994, girls and boys mixed, mostly boys), it was ok since learning to use unix isn't very intuitive and of course I've asked for help from a friend if needed.

02. I have a digital pocket camera I almost never use. I can't think of any others, not of the computerized kind at least.

03. PC, mobile phone, Ipod, wii, camera.

04. Yes, my most used apps are Firefox, Skype, Filezilla, Camera transfer program, Photoshop and the Office programs (exel, word, powerpoint).

05. I use my Nokia N73 for mobile internet, calling, sms and taking and sending pictures.

06. I would try to fix it and it has always worked out somehow.

07. Yes :-)

08. I appreciate simple good design.

09. Not very much.

10. I have dogs, there are no restrictions for them, since gladly they have no interest in destroying my stuff.

11. Lately I've played Wii (fit).

12. F-secure and the windows built in stuff.

13. I'd buy it on my own and maybe check with a (male) friend if they think it's a good buy.

Metamatician said...

Great! Thanks a lot, Mist.

Magdalene said...

1. I taught myself. I've never had any IT lessons.

2. I don't have gadgets that I don't use apart from unnecessary programmes on my moblie phone.

3.I have a laptop, mobile phone, iPod, digital camera.

4.I have a laptop running Windows xp and Internet Explorer. I use Microsoft Office and picture manager regularly, and various communication programmmes.

5. My Mobile phone is a Sony Ericsson. I use it primarily for calling and texting, I also use the calendar, clock and alarms and listen to the radio occasionally. I still take photos on it if I don't have my camera with me.

6. If I have a prpoblem with my PC I generally try and sort it out myself. If that fails I ask a friend who's an IT expert.

7. No, not particularly. I hate shopping in general!

8. To a point. I'm more interested in function.

9. Specific problem solving web pages on IT are very useful, because it's how I learn to do things for myself. General technical blurb is of little interest.

10. I don't have any animals.

11. I like a few simple games but don't own a console.

12. I have a firewall and virus protection programme. I also run AdAware regularly.

13. I certainly wouldn't ask my boyfriend or father. It's me who ends up trying to fix their computer problems! I'd collect info myself and maybe chat to a knowledgeable friend before making a final decision.

Metamatician said...

Thank you Ms. Mary Magdalene!

Jan said...

Hi Eva,

This is a friend of Justin's mum.

1. I was 57 years old when I got my first computer. I am mainly self-taught, with assistance from the PC Advisor forums.

2 & 3. I don't have any gadgets.

4. I have a PC and a laptop. I have loads of software including anti-virus, anti-spyware, Incredimail, Incredigames, Weatherwatcher, Virtual earth, Google Earth, FLV Player, iTunes, Open Office, Samsung PC Studio, Skype, C.Cleaner, Defraggler, Jacqui Lawson, JLC's Internet TV, Free 99 Cribbage, Recuva, Update Checker, Adobe Reader, Driver Detective, Hijack This, Image Resizer Powertoys, Paint.NET, Real Player, Real Alternative, Winamp, Switch Sound File Converter, System Tweaker, URL Snooper, TClockex, QuickTimePlayer,cw shredder, and Pixillion Image Converter.

5. I have a Samgsung U900 mobile phone which I use for telephoning people,sending text messages, and as a camera.

6. I try to fix all problems with my PC myself, but if I get stuck, I contact PC Advisor.

7. No, not for their own sake - only things I actually need.

8. No.

9. No.

10. Yes, I have two cats and a young puppy. They have no interest in my electronic stuff, but I keep them shut out of the rooms such things are in just in case.

11. Yes.

12. I use the Windows firewall and full professional AVG protection including their firewall too. Also AdAware, SuperAntiSpyware, Spyware Blaster, and Spybot Search and Destroy.

13. Probably consult with PC Advisor, and then go and buy one on my own.

Metamatician said...

You're a pro, Jan! Thanks for helping out. :-)

Mandula said...

Thank you, all of you, being so kind and help my friend. :) :hugz: :)))

Anonymous said...

1. Mom and Dad showed me when I was young, then learned on my own and from friends. Not really much in school.

2. I have some older MP3 players I don't use anymore. Mostly I give things away when I don't use them.

3. iPod, cell phone, hmmm. That's about it. Used to have a Gameboy haha.

4. I have a PC with Vista on it. I have Microsoft Word, Excel, FireFox, iTunes, hotmail, some games, and PhotoShop which I'm really trying to learn. Also a lot of other junk that came with the computer, like Norton Security thingy. I don't remember everything.

5. A Blackberry that I use mostly to text and make calls of course. Sometimes I download ringtones. I'm hoping I'll get an iPhone sometime but I have to finish my contract with thisd one first.

6. I can usually fix anything! Seriously though, if it was really bad, my (guy) friend could probably help me out.

7. Yeah! Oh, I have a digital camera too. I forgot that earlier.

8. Yes, I think good design can make something way easier to use and more fun. Why don't people like using remotes? Because the design is bad. It's definitely important. And if you're talking about design in a magazine or a website, it's really important because no one will read it or stick around unless it's a pleasant experience.

9. Not really.

10. No animals where I live now unfortunately.

11. Sometimes. Only a few friends have that stuff, mostly guys. It's fun but I wouldn't play by myself. The Wii is pretty fun with a group.

12. I should back my stuff up I guess, but I usually don't. I have some virus program and there is a site I go to that scans for spyware. I'm not really sure how it all works to be honest.

13. I would definitely take one of my guy friends with me to help, because I don't know too much about the technical stuff, I'd prolly just buy the cutest one lol.

Metamatician said...

Thank you, anonymous person.

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