Saturday, October 17

Ancient culture curveball... no gods involved.

What is your favorite ancient culture to learn about, if you have one?
None or other than above
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Metamatician said...

Yes, you may tell us what you selected if you so choose and elaborate on your reasons. Or not. It's up to you!

This forum is YOUR forum.

That's different from "forams" by the way; a short way of saying foramnifera.

Get involved! Tell us why you're fascinated by a certain ancient civilization - if you are - and why. And mention runners-up too! Whatever you want to say, by all means say it.

I would like nothing better than to spark friendly and interesting conversation on this blog about such interesting topics.

Metamatician said...

I forgot about the ancient Hindus. Oops.

Hans said...

i like ancient Egypt because they wore pretty clothes and jewelry. hehe

Metamatician said...

You have chosen wisely! =D

Mandula said...

Well, it _was_ the greeks, but now I cannot choose between them, the romans, mayas (all mesoamericans), sumerian, babylonian, persian gods. In fact, all of the gods. I have a plan (far-away plan) to re-read all the ancient mythological books and learn again the gods of the old times. Okay, not all, but as much as possible. :)

Metamatician said...

Sounds like a great idea, Mandula!

I'm interested in ancient Meso- and South America too. The Maya, Aztecs, and Inca are the most well-known of course, but I think the more interesting cultures were those which had already vanished by the time of the Spanish conquest - for example, the Olmec, Toltec, and Moche people.

Also the nations of North America, which never formed empires like their neighbors to the south, are fascinating in their own right, such as the Anasazi.

If I could do the poll over again I'd put more options in for New World cultures, and also some I forgot like the Celts (once thought to be nothing more than barbarians, but now know to have have sophisticated trade, manufacturing, and of course art).

It's hard to think of everything though!

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