Saturday, October 17

Here's the deal.

More like just a request, since you've no obligation to even view my blog, much less negotiate terms.

Seems like people hit the polls pretty consistently and other easy, prepackaged food items on my blog (save empath, who comments on almost everything :), but rarely utter a peep about the more serious, or prosaic, stuff. Like my article just written about how technology has not really enabled artists to be more free.

I'll continue to throw in polls, quizzes, pictures, videos, and fun stuff, if people will realize that little essays, philosophy, poems, and lyrics is what truly interests ME. You're under no obligation of course, but it makes me very happy to see intelligent comments in reply to something I've thought out and written down here, not just the pop-culture stuff that so many blogs feature.

Just asking, if you could, to consider the deeper arts.

Much of it's my fault for not reviewing books and movies, a sort of intellectual middleground, as I promised I would. I shall try to focus on that, and other ways of drawing people into more serious discussions.



Hans said...

my opinion, but most people don't have time or perhaps the knowledge to add to what you've already said thoroughly. I can agree but not necessarily debate something that you already know so much more about. I like quick answers, short posts, fun things....there are other people out there somewhere who would love to talk about all the stuff you're interested in, but maybe your blog isn't the place to post it. Is there any forums for you to join?

Metamatician said...

Hmm. Very valid points. I certainly don't want to bore anyone. I suppose as long as people find some of what I say interesting, even if they don't add to the discussion, it makes me feel I've given something. In cyberspace it's hard to gauge the results of what you do, to get good feedback. But I don't think I'll ever stop being curious about the world, and therefore I probably won't ever stop writing.

Just hope some other people get something from it. And I like the fun stuff as much as anyone. A good balance is my idea of a good blog.

billybytedoc said...

Don't be discouraged. There are a million people out there trying to get our attention and our precious time.

Just look at facebook and YouTube. What percentage of the stuff on them is serious. The world is full of people who want to be quickly entertained, not educated.

And like Hans said, it is hard to make intelligent comments about stuff that is beyond ones knowledge even when it is interesting.

Metamatician said...


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