Saturday, October 10

Here's a crazy video by Röyksopp

What Else Is There? from Röyksopp on Vimeo.


Metamatician said...

This is exactly what I feel like in my dreams a lot of the time. Seriously. Except by concentrating I can levitate higher, sometimes over walls and buildings. But I can keep drifting on like that without touching the ground pretty much as long as I want. It's awesome.

Also, if the voice sounds familiar, it's Karin Dreijer again from The Knife and Fever Ray. Röyksopp is just a couple of dudes from Norway, so they get guest singers a lot. Karin is from Sweden, but in a further twist, the girl in this video is not her, and is just miming the vocals. Karin rarely likes to show herself.

I have to say, Scandinavians are both cool and weird.

Magdalene said...

Great. Love Royksopp :)

Mandula said...

Great video, thanks again. :)

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