Tuesday, October 27

The leaves are crunchy.

I noticed awhile back that the trees were changing colors and kept meaning to do a photo shoot but never did. That seems to be what happens these days. Why aren't I motivated?

The trees started losing their leaves weeks ago but they were still limp; still hanging on to life. There were yellow ones, green ones, and orange ones with black spots.

Today they're almost all brown, and they've officially gone crunchy enough that I can make a wandering path on my way to where I'm going just to stomp on the biggest upside-down ones.

I even found a big pile of them earlier, swept against a retaining wall by the dry wind, and jumped around in them for a few minutes with giddy glee, like popping bubble wrap but even better.

I guess you have to take what you can from autumn.


Hans said...

Leaves of Autumn

Yellow, Purples, even Reds
Drift into the pansy beds

On the streets, on the cars
Hunched in piles outside the bars

Caught by dogs, chased by cats
Stomped to bits by little brats

Winds will come and grab a bunch
Throw them on your picnic lunch

Clouds turn black, air gets cold
Snows will come into our fold

Yellows, Purples, even Reds
Die inside their fluffy beds

Trees turn bare but unaware
Leaves return like new grown hair

Blooms of white, lobes of green
And all the colors Spring will bring

by Hans, the observant

Metamatician said...

Wow! Great poem, Hans!

Really gets the feel of Autumn across with all its imagery.

You're a pretty creative cat.

Hans said...

Thanks Brother J. I'm learning slowly, and maybe surely - my mom hopes so!! Instead of chewing her arms, she wants me to learn to READ, RIGHT, and do RITHMATIC. Boring if you ask me. I want to PLAY.

Metamatician said...

PLAY while you are young, Hans!

Plenty of time for the other stuff when you get older.

Play your heart out.

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