Thursday, October 15

A poll about polls... and other things.

What would you like to see most in the short-term? (All of these are planned at some point). You can select multiple answers but please limit these to those that interest you the most!
A quiz about ancient mythology.
A poll about your favorite music over the years.
A quiz about your knowledge of food.
A poll about the ways you use technology.
A series of essays on the basics of science.
A series of essays on the basics of mysticism.
Book, film, and software reviews.
Tips and tricks for Windows XP and the Internet (general)
Getting started in digital photography.
About the net's role in tracing one's geneaology.
Your favorite toys as a kid.
Your favorite activities and lifestyle now.
An introduction to the great English-speaking poets.
The latest science news and strange and funny stories from the web.
Please Specify:
uggs boots

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