Saturday, October 17

My favorite toys as a kid were...

My favorite toys as a child were... (you may select more than one)
Hula Hoop
Ouija Board
Pogo Stick
Silly Putty
Rubik's Cube
Tinker Toys
Pong or Atari console
My Bike!
My Skateboard or Skates
Child's Oven
Erector Set
Others (tell us in the comments!)
uggs boots


Hans said...

willy fun, tank oo

Metamatician said...

:) You gonna tell us about your toys?

Mandula said...

I dont even know the most of them, lol. I WOULD love to play with pogo stick if I only had one... and not atari, but commodore enterprise, it was not mine but my cousinis and of course I loved it. Dolls: not Barbie but Laura, and I never was able ti finish Rubik's cube - unless I pull down the stickers and put them back in the right order. :)))) I'd love to have a Rubik cube now - my brothes has it on his DS, with trainer programs, awesome, but I would like to have a real one. :)

Hans said...

Ok. My mom will talk. The slinky was fun and you could get it to walk down steps, but it always got tangled up. The hula hoop was new and I spent hours spinning it around my waist, legs, and even neck! Pogo stick is just plain fun. I also loved my tether ball in my backyard. I skated a lot. I had white shoe skates that also had just been invented. I had a skateboard - homemade, and a go-cart, homemade, but always fun. I played with playdough, superball, and silly putty was great! All these toys were new when I was a kid. I colored a lot too and had colorforms and paper dolls, a crazy 8 ball, jacks, pick up sticks, board games, card games (crazy 8s and war). Outside I loved Chinese jump rope. My wagon - I almost forgot. I got a lot of use out of my blue wagon. We turned it into a roller coaster once. Marbles! I loved them and had a shoebox full of them. We had a swing set in the backyard and a real playground type slide. We waxed it with wax paper so we would zoom down as fast as possible.

Metamatician said...

Lincoln logs were pretty cool, too. And jigsaw puzzles. And globes, even though they're not really toys. And Lite-Brite, Shrinky Dinks, and Etch-A-Sketch. And yeah, wagons!

Lots of neat toys. Action figures, stuffed animals, mini ping pong, nerf hoop, tennis ball game, card games, pick-up sticks, board games, sports...

Magdalene said...

What about Spirograph? You guys get that over there in the US?

Also have finally written a couple of short posts on my blog if you're interested.

Metamatician said...

Yeah, we have spirographs too, I forgot about those! They were neat as well.

Thanks, I'll come check your site shortly =)

Metamatician said...

Shoot, I just wrote another comment with about 100 other toys I thought of (ok, maybe 30 or 40), some of them quite nostalgia-inducing, and the power went off in my house for about 30 seconds right when I was spell-checking it, and it was gone.


Pia said...

I suppose I had a few barbies at some point, but our dog destroyed one of them and that was the end of it. And some paper dolls too, making clothes to them and that sort of girl stuff. I loved playing with legos and even small cars but don't think I had any of my own. It's like I didn't have a lot of toys at all or then I just don't remember. I've always had a bike though and I feel like I was outdoors a lot as a kid. When indoors I loved to listen to stories and also acting out stories. I too would have loved to have a pogo stick, or a commondore 64. But I was 18 before I got my first computer. I had marbles too, that was fun, I think we played some sort of a petanque with them outside, the winner got more marbles.

Metamatician said...

Bikes, marbles... who needs a computer when there a physical pleasures to be had?!

Metamatician said...

To Mandula: There's nothing like the feel of a REAL, broken-in Rubik's cube. Better than any video game for sure =)

Metamatician said...

Looks like bicycles FTW!

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