Tuesday, October 6

LOL! Google is cool.

Go to the normal Google search page and type in "Google Chuck Norris"

Haha. As big as they are, Google still has an impish sense of humor.


Mandula said...

Type in google: find chuck norris, then press I feel lucky. :)

Or: french military victories then Im feeling lucky.

Another easter eggs in google:


Mandula said...

And some more (well, there are common stuff of course, but _some_ of them are new):



Metamatician said...


billybytedoc said...

Lots of people have lots of fun with stuff like this. Google is not immune!

Hans said...

let's work for Google!

Raelha said...

I´m wondering, how did you come across this? You weren´t actually googling for Mr N were you?

Metamatician said...

Actually I saw it on a humor site. But I could be lying. I wouldn't diss Chuck if I were you, he might do a roundhouse kick and knock your head off!

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