Wednesday, October 28

Juliana Hatfield.

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Metamatician said...

I can't get this simple song out of my head! Juliana as usual wrote the lyrics, music, played all guitars including bass, played piano, might have played drums (she does sometimes), and mixed it herself. The only help she gets really is from Richard Butler on backing vocals! (Which I must say is a great touch).

Oh, and not a bad figure for a 42-year old :P ...I've had a celeb crush off and on with her ever since I was in high school and she was 21 or so and in the local Boston band The Blake Babies. Now I have all her albums and it's pretty amazing to see she's still going strong (in her own moderate way) after all these years, when so many "female" acts fail after the novelty wears off.

The difference with Juliana, and the reason she's still making albums and has a cult following has less to do with her being cute (which she is) and more to do with the fact she's a damn good songwriter, a good singer, and a pretty serviceable musician on almost anything that can be played. Plus the fact there's something about a woman playing lead guitar that is just way cool.

Glad she broke up with that loser Evan Dando years ago when he delved into drugs (yes, he was talented and glamorous, but she left him anyway). I have a lot of respect for this woman. Go Juliana!

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