Monday, September 21

City nicknames

Many cities have well-known nicknames. How many of these can you get right without looking them up? Because quite a few are from the US, I've split these out from the rest. Good luck!

US Cities:
01. Baghdad by the Bay
02. The Big Easy
03. Motown
04. Sin City
05. The City of Brotherly Love
06. Beantown
07. The Emerald City
08. Gotham City
09. The Windy City
10. The Steel City

World Cities:
11. The City of Light
12. The Golden City
13. The Pearl of the Danube
14. The Holy City
15. The Eternal City
16. The Bride of the Sea
17. The City of Saints
18. The Pearl of the Orient
19. The Big Durian
20. The Square Mile


Mandula said...

USA cities:
I can only guess this one:
09. The Windy City - I think it is Chicago.

World Cities:

13. The Pearl of the Danube - I hope it is Budapest! :))))
14. The Holy City - Rome or the Vatican City maybe

Thats all. :D

Metamatician said...

You got 2 out of 3 right! :D

billybytedoc said...

3 Hollywood
4 Las Vegas
5 Philly
7 Seattle?
9 Chicago
10 Pittsb
11 Paris
14 Rome
Wow, I'm dumb about the world

Metamatician said...

Billybyte, you got 6/8 right. Your first and last are incorrect; all the middle ones are correct.

I thought if anyone would get Paris, it would be you. :)

Giusi said...

The Eternal City = Rome, of course
The Big Durian = Jakarta
The Golden City is not univocal = Jerusalem, Prague and who knows how many others...

Giusi said...

P.S. And in Italian, we call Paris "La Ville Lumière", directly in French...

And what if the Venice of the North? Another ambiguous epithet!

Metamatician said...

Hey g!

True about the Golden City, the one I was thinking of was Pr.... (don't want to give it all away)

All your others are correct of course, smartiepants.

And not only can multiple cities have the same nickname, but a single city can have more than one. Maybe that's why the obvious "Big Apple" isn't on the list... (big hint there).


Metamatician said...

Oh yeah, Venice of the North has multiples, which is one reason I left it off. I can think of a few... Amsterdam and Bruges, I think. Possibly Stockholm? I know there are others. Basically any norther European city near water!

The USA is really easy to find nicknames for, it seems every city (and state) in the country has one. But of course, not everyone knows them, especially if you don't live here. Lots of people who live here don't even know more than a few!

I guess I was one of those nerdy kids who sat and read the almanac and geography books and the encyclopedia, I could generate 100 quizzes like this for largest cities, largest countries, tallest mountains, longest rivers, densest planets, closest stars.... you name it. (/nerd)

Thanks for taking my quiz! The next one will be even more fun, I promise! I already know what it is, but I'll wait a few days to post it :D

Hans said...

I'm not peeking at others.
2. New Orleans
3. Detroit
4. Las Vegas
6. Boston
7. Seattle
9. Chicago
10. Pittsburg
11. Paris
13. Prague
14. Jerusalem
18. Hong Kong
20. Monaco

That's all I can even guess at.

Metamatician said...

10/12 correct! You're winning so far.

Metamatician said...

I'll give this another full day, then list the answers.

Pia said...

A clever quiz, but frustrating that I don't know so many these, some are like I almost know them but some I've never even heard of :(. At least no cheating.

05. Philadelphia
08 New York
09 Chicago

13. Budapest
15. La citta etterna, Rome!

Pia said...

How could i miss paris??

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