Tuesday, September 22

If your pet was a different animal, what would (s)he be?

If you have multiple pets you can answer for all of them!


Metamatician said...

My pets are all cats. I'm going to include Otis and Abby, even though they don't live with me anymore.

Jackson would be a beached elephant seal (but the female kind, because he lacks a huge proboscis). When he rolls on his back and then lifts his tiny head up to look at you, he looks just like one! Guess he needs to shed a few pounds.

Otis would be a male lion. Brave, haughty, proud, lazy. He gets a scornful look if other cats don't show him respect, and just occasionally, he'll swat one to show them who's the King. He has a regal bearing too, unlike Jackson, who sorta just slumps along. And he's not above cutting to the front of the line for food, using his power tyrannically.

Abby would be a gazelle, or if there's anything more easily startled and run off than a gazelle, then that. Unless you're one of 3 or 4 people on earth she knows, you may never see her. And even if you're one of those people, she always seems ready to take flight if you move abruptly.

Mandula said...

Békafül is a Seal, Wilhelm is a Goldfish, Forrest is a zombie Lemur. :)

Raelha said...

Mahou is a lioness - She´s very proud and passes her time either hunting or sleeping.

Beeps is a black jaguar - shy, rarely seen, solitary, a great huntress and adventuer.

Elbi is a human - she likes lots of love and attention, and has a tendency for mischief when she thinks no-one is looking.

Cheeky is a cheeky monkey. He adores climbing, is incredibly cheeky, of course, but cute too and good for snuggles.

Mouse is not quite a mouse any more she´s far too clever and more vocal now, and she likes cuddles too much to be one. Maybe a chimpanzee. Yes! She hugs almost like one too, and you can carry her around with you while she clings.

Hans said...

Marie(dog) is pretty much a stubborn Sloth now that she's old, but she turns into a Shark when Hans (cat) jumps on her. She's also a lamb when she's being petted.

Hans is a Spider Monkey-Prowling Panther during his playtime. When he's tired, he turns into a long limp banana slug.

Metamatician said...

Hehe, good descriptions!

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