Friday, September 4

Hans Brinker

or is that Hans Sphincter? Here he is in his warm, snuggly spot. Click to make him bigger.


Hans said...

He looks just like my Hans!

Metamatician said...

Lol (that means I'm "laughing out loud," Hans. It IS you! Silly boy.

Békafül said...

Prrrrrr! :)))


Metamatician said...

Dennis brought a ruler up to the monitor and measured him, and concluded he was the smallest cat he'd ever seen.

Metamatician said...

Hey Békafül! You have your own login name now! You're a technokitty!

When are we going to see more pictures of you?

-Meta, human belonging to Jackson.

Békafül said...

Prrrheeelllow Meta!

When my human, Mandula, will ask his brother Misi (human of my brother, Guybrush) for his camera. Then will be new beautiful and ultimate powercutie pictures of me. :)

Ppprrrmeow to Jax plz! :)))

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