Sunday, September 13

Gentiles are not Gentle.

It's not antisemitism - that is, some irrational prejudice against an entire ethnicity/cultural identity, believers and secularists alike - that allows me to still dislike any group of people who DO believe in a religion in which a supposedly universal, all-encompassing God under which we all live has nonetheless chosen them as his favorites, his children, whilst his other creations are no longer of concern to him, do not have to obey his rules, and will never enjoy the fruits of his great wisdom and power in any case; in fact, they are, when interfering with his chosen people, to be explicitly destroyed or driven out of the picture. What kind of incredible hubris within a belief system allows for such a bigoted belief anyway, and why must anyone who it would seek to disenfranchise ever tolerate it?

Pater Noster.

Our Father, who aren't in Heaven,
How low be thy name.
Thy kingdom came, destruction rained
On Earth as it did in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily dread
For trespassing against you
As you sought in vain to trespass against us;
Thy Fury shall not faze us.

For Ours, now, is the kingdom
And the power, and the glory.
For ever and ever, until Entropy take us all,


blind, lame
deaf & dumb

seems perversely
maybe I AM the One

but not mute,
not really

for I generate words

and end up overwhelmed

no, not dumb
just jaded

and the whip-poor-wills keep gloating
and fireflies in the reeds keep glowing
and badgers are prowling the hills, knowing
that I may join them soon
in my bid to escape from all this madness
and I'm leaking tears all over
as I run as fast as my bad leg will carry me
away from this sadness
and the coyote knows, and the fox
and the wolf that bays at the curl of silver
on that slate-black morning sky
before the sun has even begun to stir
that I am a fugitive from my kind
and the mountain lions start to purr
for they feel a kindred spirit approach
and as they prepare to dismember me
I just wish no one would remember me
that somehow I could wipe their minds
of all I left behind
and could let me go,
happy to finally be on my way;
maybe even smiling.

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Hans said...

I agree with your first 2 posts.

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