Friday, September 4

Here's my farm in FarmVille currently.

FarmVille is a farming sim app on Facebook, developed by Zynga, Inc.

First, here's a zoomed-out view

Next, a closer look at the "Living, Playing, and Relaxing" area

FarmVille is a lot of fun, and doesn't waste TOO much time since you don't have a lot to do once you've plowed and seeded (especially if you plant crops that take 1-4 real days to grow). You can make it hectic if you want by constantly visiting other farms, taking pictures of them, gifting items, planting crops than ripen within hours, being a perfectionist about the placement of everything, and so on.

I try to make my farm look nice, but I don't go crazy like some people and try to level up as fast as I can, haul in reward ribbons, and make my homestead a work of art. Just a middle-of-the-road relaxed approach for me, so it stays fun and I'm not constantly logged in. It's neat to check your farm in the evening and see something has ripened and its plot is full of flowering fruits or veggies, or the trees are pendulous with their new bounty.

If you are a Facebook user, give it a try! And request to be my neighbor, too, because that way we can trade items and help each other out. :-)


Metamatician said...

Before you ask, yes, that's the flag of Scotland made of colored hay bales. I've seen American, English, French, Texan, and many other flags on other farms, and thought Scotland would be an easy one to do, and besides, I'd love to visit that part of the UK someday. The beauty of the land and geniality of its people (not to mention their great accent) is a big attraction.

Nothing in the games requires you to make a flag, by the way, I just haven't seen a Scots banner yet and buying hay is a fairly cheap way to get experience point and some of the "pack rat" reward ribbons, so I decided that my farm would be based in the Highlands, and put a sign out front by the mail box welcoming people to my wee family-run farm.

It also gave me a theme to work with as I go. Maybe I'll restrict the trees and crops I plant to those which would actually grow in Scotland...

Anyway, it's just for fun and relaxing a being a little creative.

Hans said...

It's cute and nicely laid out. Meow!

Meta said...

Thanks, Hans. Inside that blue barn is a bunch of feed, and mice like to get in there, so there are a family of cats who live there too who eat the mice. You should meet them sometime - although I have to warn you, they use a little bit of rough language sometimes. They're not housebroken either! (Dennis, stop chuckling).

Anonymous said...

I am Scottish and having problems doing the Scottish flag on farmville - so thank you, I'm away to do one now - a wee thank you from mary (scotland)

Anonymous said...

Very creative farm. Well done!!! :)

Metamatician said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...




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