Sunday, September 6

The best scene in Bram Stoker's Dracula (spoiler)

A green mist enters Mina's chambers.

MINA: Yes, my love, you found me.

DRACULA: My most precious life.

MINA: I've wanted this to happen. I know that now.
I want to be with you always.

DRACULA: You cannot know what you are saying.

MINA: Yes, I do. I feared I would never feel your
touch again. I thought you were dead.

DRACULA: There is no life in this body.

MINA: But you live! You live! What are you?
I must know! You must tell me!

DRACULA: I am nothing, lifeless, soulless, hated
and feared. I am dead to all the world...hear me!
I am the monster the breathing men would kill.

MINA: (She collapses in his arms) But I love you.
Oh, God forgive me, I do. I want to be what you are,
see what you see, love what you love.

DRACULA: Mina, to walk with me, you must die to your
breathing life and be reborn to mine.

MINA: You are my love and my life always.

DRACULA: Then I give you life eternal, everlasting
love, the power over the storm and the beasts of the
earth. Walk with me to be my loving wife forever.

MINA: I will. Yes, yes.

DRACULA: Mina! Mina, drink and join me in eternal life.

Dracula makes a cut across his chest.
Mina drinks.

Dracula suddenly pushes Mina away.

DRACULA: No, I cannot let this be.

MINA: Please, I don't care. Make me yours!

DRACULA: You'll be cursed as I am and walk through
the shadow of death for all eternity. I love you too
much to condemn you.

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