Saturday, September 19

Sad songs...

The above songs are just some of about a dozen very sad songs I tried to find to stream on this blog. It doesn't even include "The Saddest Song" by Morphine! Well, ok, that song, while great, isn't really all that sad.

We all like sad songs once in awhile. They are cathartic, allowing us to vent, get our emotions out like a focused beam and cleanse our palette. Sometimes crying or just welling up with tears, or getting that shiver inside you, is needed to get back to "normal" and prepare to try to be positive again.

If you would like to participate, please listen to the five songs I selected and then use your own creativity in the comments section to discuss them, rank them, or whatever you would like to do. I will participate too, of course.

Like Elton John said (or was it Bernie Taupin?), "Sad songs say so much."


Metamatician said...

I'll comment more, but I wanted to say something about SAD vs DEPRESSING songs. There are loads of depressing songs by Swans or other bands I could have put on here, but that wasn't the objective.

The difference can be subtle in some cases, but to me sadness is a powerful feeling I get which makes me want to cry. Injustice, agony, loss, abandon - things of a very personal nature - are sad.

Songs or any art which makes one realize some larger futility, become apathetic and numb (as opposed to having those strong feelings I mentioned), inured, empty... these are depressing things.

I tried to chose sad songs, not depressing ones. A song can easily be both, and the distinctions are never black and white. But I made an attempt at least.

I'd be very interested to hear YOUR suggestions for sad songs! They can be from any genre of music, and be sad as only you may define them. Maybe they have a personal memory attached to them; they remind you of a time and place. Maybe you just get sad when you hear them.

I would love for people to add to my list. Thanks.

No, I'm not sad at the moment, only reflective.

Mandula said...

Okay, let me answer with a question.

There are two great songs (okay more, but lets talk about these two) from Keith Caputo.

One is Crawling (
Second is Bleed for Something Beautiful (

What would you say, are they sad or depressing?

Mandula said...

Answer...? .)

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